Henry’s Approach

Henry is supposed to go and fetch the water and bring it back in the bucket. He doesn’t because there is a pesky hole in the bucket. We know this because Henry tells his dear Liza he can’t fetch with water due to the hole in the bucket.

Liza, ever the practical one, tells him to fix it. If he fixes the hole, she reasons, he can fetch the water in the bucket. But things aren’t so straight forward for Henry. He first asks Liza what to fix the hole with and when she suggests he uses a straw, which he deems to be too long. This, of course, creates a whole new problem to be solved, which is what to do about the straw being too long.Musings

Liza comes to the rescue again, by advising Henry to cut it. When he asks her what he should use to cut the straw, she firmly tells him to use an axe. Which creates yet another issue to be solved for Henry knows that the axe is too dull to cut the straw. So Liza, probably very tired of having to tell him all these solutions, suggests he sharpens the axe.

Henry counters with the next issue, which by what method should the man sharpen the axe. Liza tells him to use a stone. And Henry, quick to point on the next problem, tells Liza the stone is too dry. By this point Liza may have forgotten about what started this whole process because she tells him to wet the stone.

Henry happy to provide one problem at a time asks Liza what should he wet the stone with? And she tells him water, which brings Henry back to the fact that there is a hole in the bucket so how can he get any water. We don’t’ know what Liza does after this point, but I’m certain that I were Liza, Beloved would be most fortunate to know the axe is too dull to do any damage.

How many people would have put up with the way Henry presents his problem? I suggest not that many of us. Some of us would have gone to fix the bucket ourselves, others of us would have found something else to use in the hole to get the water and yes I suspect the frustration level would be high enough for some of us to briefly contemplate throwing the bucket on Henry. But the truth is most of us have a bit of Henry inside of us.

My internal Henry happens when I am procrastinating about doing something. I should just get on with the doing, but first I should check this, or there will be more time for it down the road and so on it goes. Henry, to me, sounds like an excuse, no matter how valid it may be, at the end of the day it’s a reason to not be doing something.

I like to think that in the song, the reason Henry doesn’t get too worked up about the whole bucket and hole thing is because he has found something far more important to do, watch the clouds roll by and just allow himself to dream a little


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