They Should Sail Away On The Water

Drink more water they said. Your body will welcome the extra hydration they promised. You will feel so much better and have more energy they said. It isn’t’ that they lied as per say, it’s just that they missed out a few things.

Innocently I drank more water, not knowing of these omissions. Such as drinking more water may result in feeling somewhat more energetic, but that energy is spent on the additional trips to the washroom. And sure my body will welcome the extra hydration, it’s just that sometimes that extra hydration means additional planning (for taking my water bottle along, for locating wash rooms, for find stuff to put in my water to make it tasty).

They suggested 8-10 glasses of water a day. Every day. But they forgot to tell me how large these glasses were. They also failed to mention that those numbers really are just numbers, general guidelines that come from way back in a hazy past that no one can find the logic for any longer. I was afraid, very afraid of not meeting the goal or 8-10 glasses each day, but do you have any idea how challenging it is for me to meet that goal? And what happens if I miss a day of reaching the goal? Does my body go into some weird form of rebellion? Do I suddenly find myself in a state of dehydration worse than I was before I drank the water?

While chatting with my doctor, he not only admitted that the whole 8-10 glasses a day thing is probably just something made up to get people to drink more water, but he also pointed out that I wasn’t really going to get a major energy gain from drinking extra water. Not with my health issues and not with the fact that I’m really not dehydrated to the point of seeing any gains. He also mentioned that too much of anything, yes even water is a bad thing.

Someone really outta find them and let them know that a) too much water can kill you, b) 8-10 glasses a day is a myth c) nothing horrible happens if you don’t reach the 8-10 glass goal each day d) spare energy for the bathroom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Oh and water comes in many forms.

The biggest plus I honestly encountered by drinking more water? When I spill it on my shirt or pants it doesn’t stain or leave a lingering scent of coffee…


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