Here A Bend, There A Bend And Add A Lift For Measure

It started with some light bending.  Once the bending seemed normal a bit of very light lifting was incorporated with the bending.  This sequence went in for roughly thirty minutes.  Nothing longer than that, but the effects of the bending and lifting has been felt for more than twenty-four hours and going,

At first it was a bit of stiffness, nothing too serious and certainly nothing that a heating pad and a light massage couldn’t fix.  Until last night when it seemed that the bed offered no place for comfort.  Evidently the floor is not an ideal place to rest either so a few pills later and sleep was possible.

FAst forward until some time this morning and suddenly that nagging stiffness has made itself known, loud and clear.  Heat, massage, a pill.  They were all tried, but throughout the rest of the day that nagging stiffness became more pronounced.  We are now at the point of where the silly walks and unusual rest positions come into play.  Which means I must work on controlling the giggles that rise quickly to my throat and desperately threaten to escape from my lips if I don’t keep them pressed tightly.

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine has never encountered him while his back stiffens up on one side only.  When this happens he is les than pleasant and finds nothing amusing or funny about any of this.  Maybe I can secretly record the silly walks and unusual rest positions for him to watch at some other time.  But then again maybe not.  And he isn’t even finished with the bending and light lifting that comes with him sorting out his bookshelves.


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