Fine Print, Fine Plans And Finely Humbling Moments

I had plans, plans that were based on being acted out with clockwork precision. A Swiss watch. Something reliable, dependable and always accurate is what I had in mind when I set about my planning. Of course I forget one tiny thing. Just something very small, really easy to overlook in the big picture; yet the impact of this tiny little thing was huge. So all-encompassing was the effecting of this minor thing that it totally derailed my plans in their entirety.

You see I had planned to place and order, pay for something and have it delivered within a specific time frame. Small problem, the credit card I was using required it to be double activated. It was one of those pre-paid cards from the store. I had proof that the cashier had activated said card, sadly I had to then do another step of activating the card online, which for some reason did not want to cooperate. And so everything fell apart, but it’s the thought that counts right? Or is it the attempt? I mean either way I’m good because I had the thought and I made the attempt, but that minor thing of carrying out the extra step of activation derailed the entire movement.

I know I should have read the fine print. I didn’t. Lesson learned in the most painful of ways. Humbling even how this small thing could impact so much in such a short period of time.

Now I could have let that moment carry though to impact the rest of my day. I could have acknowledged it as a sign that things were against me. Instead I realized it was just a minor thing and in the grand scheme of things be it 100 years or 10 years in the future, having these plans not go through will not matter. I probably won’t even remember the failure at the end of it all. Certainly not if it’s a 100 years from now because a) just reaching that mark would be something incredible and b) in reaching that mark how many wondrous things, as well as horrific things, will have happened that will have made a larger impact? So you see I simply moved on and explained that I failed to take everything into account and may have left my planning to the last-minute. Hey, I’m human and evident I’m prone to ignoring things like fine print.


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