The Monsters We Hunt

We all hunt monsters from time to time. If you are a parent you may be hunting those pesky monsters that live under beds and in closets and only come at night. Or perhaps there is monster lurking in the basement or cupboard and it must be found, removed or subdued. Or perhaps you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, guardian or older sibling who carries out the tasks of hunting the monsters.

If only all of our monsters were this simple to deal with. If only they all hide most of the time and only threatened to come out and scare us. Unfortunately we have real monsters to contend with in this world. Some of the brave folks in law enforcement and such hunt these monsters and put them away to keep the rest of us safe. Sometimes, though, the monsters still are able to hunt and hurt us.

The worst monster I ever encountered upon happened one day when I was looking in the mirror. That’s right, a reflection of myself. The worst monster I ever encountered. Because when I looked in that mirror what I saw was everything that I have ever known to be wrong about me times a million. I saw all my horrible failures and flaws, magnified and repeated to me in a loud and ugly voice.

This, this warped image I have of myself is the monster I hunt on a regular basis. I need to hunt it, to find it and subdue it so that I don’t have to hear it or see it anymore. But I have no interest in killing this monster because after all this monster is a part of me. I must understand this monster in order to learn how to live with it and control it.


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