In Real Life Acts Of Love

In the movies things omits always work  out.  Fingernails don’t get broken, the most unruly of hair can be turned into something wonderful and amazing, and love conquers all.  But that’s in the movies, and in Hollywood anything can turn out to be a happily ever after.  Heck racial intolerance or religious differences can be overcome with the magical idea of love.  For Hollywood, fairytale so and romance novels all tell us love conquers all.  We just have to find our true love, and we will know when we find it for it shall feel perfect.

Now I’m the owner of a patch of unruly hair so I can attest to the fact that sometimes there ain’t nothing that can be done for unruly hair.  Other times a gallon of hairspray and a pray may make it hold still enough to look decent.  And a broken fingernail can be filed and will somehow grow itself out in time.

And true love in my life, is a man who sings slightly off-key as he struggles to create flavors from back home.  True love, in my books, is a man who doesn’t get his feathers too ruffled when I change my mind and tell him it’s still not right.  And love is a man who puts up with the uncertainty that is part of the package that comes with me.  No questions asked.

Of course that man who done that cooking left me a mess about as wide as the Mississippi herself!  And love is part of cleaning up that massive mess, perhaps not happily so, but cleaning it because love and good intentions is what made that mess in the first place.  And by no means is my life a happily ever after, but it’s sure got a lot of happiness in it.


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