Oinkella or Waiting For Take-Off

It would seem that pigs can fly after all.  And not just those that board airplanes either.  At least not by judging  by the latest addition to the four-footed one’s treasures.  You see she has acquired a pig that squeaks and has wings.  The wings tend to make a scrunching sound when you wiggle them. And the tail is long with a knot at the end.  So fine not a real pig but still…a flying pig none the less.

Oinkella, as we’ve taken to calling the new toy, must be everywhere the four-footed one happens to be. Which means Oinkella, who doesn’t get around on her own, must always be in line of sight or we have a bark feast.  To be honest I’m currently looking for ear plugs because we’ve had a few wee crisis moments already.

The first crisis moment happened when the four-footed one was getting ready to settle down for the night.  You see someone forgot to bring Oinkella to bed so much barking ensued.  And continued to ensue until someone, human mind you, went and rescued Oinkellla.

We had a somewhat repeat performance in the morning when someone was eating her breakfast and discovered that Oinkella had stayed behind.  Human to the rescue again.  Although in all honesty this was more to stop the barking than to save Oinkella.

I’m waiting for Oinkella to get the hang on flying, or walking, soon because I’m getting a bit annoyed at having to fetch her all the time.


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