Perfectly Imperfect or Who Put Lipstick On The Pig And Can S/he Be Stopped

Some days you just know are going to be a bit more of a handful right from the start. Not every day can be perfect. Some days the only shining example is that of the glaring imperfections in the day. Now some people have this cute little bit of magic they do where they can find the humor or the opportunity within those glaring imperfections.

They call them opportunities for improvements. I call that putting lipstick on a pig, but hey I get the idea. Except have you ever put lipstick on a pig? For the record I’ve never done it and I would never do it, but at the end of the adventure you’d still have a pig, just one wearing lipstick. So these opportunities for improvements are still pointing out the imperfections that need fixing, it’s just a fancy way of saying it.

Other people have these magical skills that have them prepared to deal with the fact that nothing in life is perfect, that everything needs improving and that into every life must fall some rain. (For the record for some of these people the definition of “some rain” is actually a deluge.) I mean if you know it’s going to be wet and windy or just dreary you can prepare for it. I wonder, though, if these people ever have the idea of hope in their lives. Do they hope for the perfect moments, or are they content for it to be less than all the time.

And now back to the story…this morning I woke up to a day that started with hope and a touch of perfection to it. I mean good coffee (yes I know I may have a crazy addiction to the stuff), plenty of time to do what needed doing, no insane traffic snarls on the way to work (this includes no crazy livestock roaming the roads which is on occasion a major drama) and somewhat decent weather. (I mean it can always be better weather here, but I’m not really going to complain about that.) And the first bit at work was good too.

It was part way through my work morning that the wheels fell off and we headed from a good day to the day of utter and complete imperfections. Imperfections which ranged from technical failures (such as a system failing when I was using it for demonstrations) to people failures (people deciding to do things without first having all the information) and let’s not forget everything else in between those two items as well. Oh and we ran out of coffee too. So that was the icing on the cake that slide on the floor, out the door and into the mud. Where it was eaten. Eaten by a pig, that happened to be wearing lipstick.

But of course there is a bit of perfection even in this day of utter imperfections, frustrations and what have you. Because you see, the perfection was the fact that everything was so wholly imperfect that in a way, it all lined up to a perfect storm of “let’s not do this again”. So I guess in a way it was a somewhat balanced day.


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