Too Many or Am I Selfish

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the whole idea of multiple wives or husbands as the case may be. In other words, I’m trying to sort out polygamy and how it would work. I know it exists and there are issues around it depending upon what people believe, but that’s not what has me confused.

What has me confused how it all works logistically. I suspect there are schedules and time tables and everyone just somehow all pulls together to make things all happen. And that’s where I get lost. What if you don’t want to stick to the schedule? What if something comes up? And why does everyone have to pull together all the time? It would drive me insane.

If you were the husband with multiple wives, or the wife with multiple husbands, I wonder how you handle all the emotions and behaviors that are always simmering just at the surface. And these things tend to feed off one another which just creates more of a whirlwind. So why do it? Why bother with the whole sharing of a spouse (surely there are issues alone with that given human nature) and trying to get everyone to get along when that’s not really human nature?

I cannot imagine sharing Beloved with others in that sense. Not because I need him with me all the time, that would be funny given we live in two different countries part of the time. I just cannot imagine having only part of a person rather than the whole of that person. I like knowing all of Beloved’s darkest secrets, his deepest thoughts and those things that make him stay up in the middle of night. If he were to unburden himself with another in the same way I suspect some of the bonds we have, that which makes us a couple would be less in place.

I don’t care what anyone else says either about it not being a case of jealousy because there is no way that you cannot be wondering what the other spouse of the same gender as yourself has/does that you do not have/do. Human nature again. So you see, I just can’t wrap my head around the benefits of this type of a relationship. Of course I struggle to wrap my head around the benefits of a traditional marriage with traditional vows too so…


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