Coffee Tears

There is no use crying over spilt milk.  Spilt coffee is another story though.  Especially when it’s the last bit of coffee in the house and you were really looking forward to that cup of deliciousness of the coffee beings.  Then crying makes all the sense in the world.  As in it simply cannot be helped.  Or that’s my story.

But in all good stories, no matter how steep the hill is that you need to climb, when you are crying over spilt coffee there is a hero who comes along and fixes it.  Usually just in the nick of time.  As in just before the tears threaten to become an indoor lake in your kitchen.  While I may be a fan of water features, I can’t say that I want an indoor salt lake in my kitchen.

The best part about my hero today is that I got a fresh cup of coffee without having to wait for it to be made.  I got freshly made coffee and a supply of coffee waiting to be made when I need it.  And yes need is the correct word because at this point in my life I need coffee.  Not always, but frequently.  If I had coffee always I’d be crying tears of coffee.  Potentially salty coffee which might not be so tasty.  And even if it isn’t salty, it might not be good because, well, recycled coffee that my body has already used.  Umm thanks, but not thanks.


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