Here’s Mud In Your…House

I keep waiting for the end of the muddy season.  You know, when the dog can head outside and come back without spreading the mud all throughout the house.  Not that she cares if it’s the muddy season, the cold season or the sunny season.  She is able to find delight in each and every one in its own way.

I, on the other hand, have yet to master the skill of finding joy in each and every part of the season.  The muddying season means endlessly cleaning floors and he parts of he walls she can reach.  The cold season means she can traipse though the house dragging her cold weather gear everywhere.  In the sunny season she brings in dead grass, insects and dirt.

But regardless of the season, she finds joy in each moment.  When its muddy outside she finds puddles to play in, others to splash around in and comes back soaked, soggy and exhausted,  after cleaning her up she’s ready for cuddle to warm up and settle down for a long sleep.

In the cold weather she will romp around, fast, chasing her own breath in the air.  She will come back in, cold and cuddly well ready to curl up in arms or near the fire.  And to make up for the shorter times during the cold that she spends long hours out in he sunny, warm weather.  During the sunny days no insect is safe from exploration, which in her way means to be tasted.

And while I’m not so interested in tasting the insects, I do which to find the joy in each season the way she does.  Just once my feet dry and the mud has been removed off the walls!


2 thoughts on “Here’s Mud In Your…House

  1. Mud season has yet to arrive here in Montana….right now it looks pretty attractive

    • I know the feeling of waiting for a season to come. I just need to work on enjoying the seasons as they come rather than finding myself wishing for something else! Hang in there, soon you too shall be in mud season!

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