A Wind, A Change, A Dog

The winds of change have started blowing through here.  Change in terms of weather.  Change in terms of health and change in terms of aging.  Nothing, of course, ever remains the same so perhaps these aren’t the winds of change so much as winds of a cycle.

The four-footed one has caught one of these winds to ride for a wild time.  When the wind dropped her off again she had internalized the wildness into a way of being.  And I thought the crazy days of puppy-hood were moving into a more calm period! 😉  Alas she seems to have found her second wind or such.

I don’t mind that she has found her second wind, however I do mind that I didn’t get a second wind either.  It seems a bit unfair.  But the wind has not helped my health and yes I am getting older too.  Still a second wind would be nice.  Since I don’t have that, I’m just going to hope that at some point a strong enough of a wind comes along at some point that can let me take a wild ride.  Perhaps I will be able to take some of that wildness into my own being!  Until that point I guess I will enjoy the way the four-footed one has taken in the changes and produced some of her own.  Now if only I can keep up with her!


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