Necessity Of Getting A Want or How My Dog Invents

Necessity, as the saying goes, is the mother of all inventions. Meaning that the need for something sparks the ingenuity to invent that specific something to meet whatever the need is which was identified as necessary before.

In the case of the four-footed one it isn’t so much necessity that sparks her inventions, not that she does full on inventions, but rather finds an approach that works to get whatever it is that she desires. It isn’t a need for she is not lacking in food, water or toys (or love for that matter) and yet she will find ways to acquire more food. She will behave a certain way to ensure that she is rewarded with something she wants. Now I know some of you are going to say that the ones to blame for this are her humans. If we would simply stop giving in to her and be more firm she would cease this behavior. Except we aren’t the only ones who fall into her trap; her vet feels a need to reward her as well. So do other people in her life.

I’ve never encountered another human or animal who can play the “woe is me” card exactly as she does. Sure she has some health issues, but honestly there are dogs worse off than her, yet she would convince you she was dying right that moment. And then after the “dying” doesn’t happen and she has recovered she is one pitiful, sad, woeful dog who must be comforted in any and all fashions that work.

Of course she’s fine again for a bit before she has another legitimate attack that she makes out to be “dying” and the whole cycle repeats again. If she were a human I’m sure she’d be using her skills to invent ways and means to get what she wanted without too much effort on her part. And yes, I am kind of jealous


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