How Do You Take Your Lemonade

Some people have mastered the art of making lemonade. No matter how many lemons life hands them, they are able to turn something palatable from what they have been provided. I suspect these people are the same ones who can easily find the silver lining in every dark cloud that comes their way.

Sometimes I struggle to find the silver lining or that tiny piece of positivity that I know is hidden somewhere. It isn’t because I don’t believe it is impossible to find, rather I just haven’t turned my focus that way.

A coworker made these observations while marking some papers the other day, not so much about me, but rather our department as a whole. He suggested that perhaps when you spend as much time working with doubt, exploring and questioning, it can make it harder to get to the place of silver linings.

That theory makes sense to me in that I’m always questioning the outcome of what I am making. Should I add more of this or is it too much? How much is a scant cup exactly and who gets to make that determination? And why is this person the authority and what if I just don’t do it? Then while said item is waiting to be tasted I will wonder if I have really messed it up. Because I cannot leave recipes alone any more than I can accept theories as they are.

Too much time in academics, too much time spent critically analyzing everything can do something to one’s outlook as well as one’s confidence. After a while you get used to things just being a certain way, or never been fully complete. Maybe that’s why I like my lemonade a bit on the tart side!


3 thoughts on “How Do You Take Your Lemonade

  1. The secret to turning lemons into lemonade is sugar. Lots of sugar. To be on the safe side, I try to consume as much sugar as I can, you just never know when the lemons are going to hit. It’s my favourite white powder second only to salt. Someone once mentioned that these wild cravings were probably a result of some underlying health issue or imbalance. I stressed out until I had a few cookies under my belt and suddenly felt a little better….so, the answer is sugar. In the form of cookies. And sometimes salty French fries for balance.

  2. Salted caramel cookies? I’m in! I’m all about inclusion, I wouldn’t want any yummy food to feel left out 😉

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