The Stuff Of Nightmares or Uninvited Houseguests

Now and then you hear/read about people being traumatized by a home invasion, and not always of the human variety either. For some reason these non-human home invasions, think animals you wouldn’t want to find while in the comforts of your home unless you find these animals comforting, always end up with the interaction taking place in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

Not that the room where you encounter said being in your house would make all that much difference. Unless it’s the bathroom, and you’ve just sat down on the toilet to heed the call of nature. And a snake has decided to pop up into the toilet bowl you happen to be sitting/squatting on. This is the stuff of real horror movies!

I can’t imagine what a four-year in Texas had running through his head when he went to heed the call of nature and looked into the toilet bowl to discover a rattle snake looking back at him. But he told his mom what he saw and she sent him off to get a shovel while she prepared to do battle with the snake. I’m not sure what kind of armor she managed to find, or really how it came to her to immediately demand a shovel, but she used the shovel her young child brought her to kill the snake. And and then I’d have slammed the door closed and called the exterminator. I would have ignored the call of nature for as long as necessary, like until the exterminator came and did what needed doing and the whole house had been bleached. Just to be safe. But this lady wasn’t me. So she killed the snake, had the exterminator check out the rest of the house and kept calm for her child. I figure when the exterminator announced he found at total of 23 other snakes, living onesn it comes to that. Or wait, is that what I do with spiders?

But not this lady, she let the exterminator remove the snakes, including five baby snakes, and then proceeded about like nothing unusual happened. I’m not sure if her son will ever look at a toilet the same way again. As for me, well I’m keeping a close eye on things in the house, just in case there is some unwanted creepy crawly living with us, rent free.


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