Treasure Seeking

The four-footed one likes to seek out treasure wherever she is. Sometimes treasure is a clump of grass, sometimes it’s a crumpled up piece of paper and now and then she strikes it rich and finds something in terms of being a source of food. Depending upon the treasure she finds, she may bring it home with pride (if it was found away from the house), she may put it some place for safe keeping or she may decide to leave it in the hope of finding better treasure. Unless it’s food, because if it’s food all bets are off on the treasure even lasting more than a couple of seconds before she sets off to find another little something special.

Today’s treasure just happened to be some dead leaves. The kind that had come off the trees early in autumn, and managed to survive the damp and the cold of winter only to surface again in the winds. The kind of leaves that pretty much disintegrate when you try to pick them up and put them in the garbage, leaving a powdery mess that’s a pain to clean up. Or the kind of leaves that she will put in her mouth, and in the course of sampling the flavors, she ends up wearing them on her fur until she decides to rub up against light-colored fabric. Or the kind of leaves that can easily be mistaken for some creepy, balled up insect of some sort, that just happens to be in your house where it does not belong.

She opted not to eat this treasure, but rather to carry it home in her fur in a way that allowed them to break into tiny little pieces that are hard to brush out. I suspect the real treasure, at least to science, is how these leaves which were clearly dead seemed to multiple and attract other dead leaves to join the party on the dog. Not that the dog minded and I guess therefore I should not have minded either, except I did.

Now and then I hope she will find a different kind of treasure, one that I can fully appreciate as well. Not that I don’t see her having fun as a treasure, but I can’t really use that to buy things for us, which I know makes me sound a little greedy. And I know the real treasure is in being able to spend time with her, finding joy in the simple things. But something with a dollar value would be nice, now and then.


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