Something Whirling In The Wind

I thought when we got her, that the four-footed one was a dog. I never suspected that she would really be a mini whirlwind disguised as a dog racing from here to there with barely a pause. And yet it seems this isn’t’ the case. Except when she’s sleeping; then I’m positive she is a dog. She even has the vet fooled, that’s how good this disguise is.

But Beloved, I and our friends know otherwise. We have watched her race around the house leaving a wake of turmoil, disturbance and mess where she has visited. I know what you are thinking; she’s just in need of training, or perhaps managing and such. The truth is, you cannot train a whirlwind any more than you can attempt to tame the wind. She is a force unto her own. A free spirit following her own desires and whims.

We thought we’d contain the umm effects of her activities to one room, however she has discovered this thing called space. Actually she discovered the other rooms in the house and I’m pretty certain she decided to spread her style of decorating to these rooms as well.

At first we picked up after her, but when you do this about a million times in one day you get to the point of wondering why you even bother, especially when the item you’ve just put away reappears in some random spot in under a minute. Sure we could take away her toys and what have you, but then I’m pretty certain she’d demand that we become her toys and as much as I adore her, I’m not about to become a toy for her to shake or chew.

We’ve lied to ourselves saying this is a phase she will outgrow, but why would she? And yes I suspect we have kind of become overwhelmed with how fast and far-reaching her umm help travels which is why we’ve decided to just let the herd of “babies” stay wherever she leaves me. And by babies, I mean leaves that make crinkly noises when you pick them up, along with squeaky gingerbread boys and girls. Add some pigs that oink, cows that moo and a couple of dinosaurs to this group and you get somewhat of a feel for her babies. I never signed up for rounding up this slightly odd grouping of “family” members on a regular basis. Besides the pay is not what I expected.


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