Feet Ahead On The Assembly Line Of Meals

A full day of listening to Etta James while creating and experimenting in the kitchen resulted in aching feet and legs.  Aching from standing too long on the hard kitchen floor while ingredients were prepared for multiple meals, cooking devices sorted out and food mixed together.

I tend to underestimate how long it takes me to do the preparation as well as how long I will be standing while cutting and chopping, stirring and folding.  And each time I get it into my head that assembly line cooking will work for a week’s worth of lunches for work is a good idea, I forget how long it takes.  That’s why I always add the week’s evening meal preparation work to the lunch meals.  Why not indeed.

The end result is aching feet and legs, drained energy and a vow to never do this again.  Until the next week or so when clearly I’m buoyed by energy which helps me forget why this isn’t a good idea.  So out comes the ideas, books and paper to write out my list.

Energized by coffee, I hop in the vehicle, head off to the store where I buy what’s on my list, recklessly eyeball produce that I’ve never tried before.  This is followed by a short debate of which one ends up in my cart, and once that has taken place I head to the checkout.

Once home with my purchases I commence sorting and setting out everything for assembly line cooking.  Oreo is sorted and completed based on ease and like, followed by cooking and cooling and then packaging.  While cooking is taking place dishes need doing and evening meal preparation just be completed with everything labeled so that after a day at work it’s easy as pie to pull together and enjoy.

The price to pay for all this is a small amount if aches and pains, but trust me it’s worth it.  Especially when lupus flares start up again.  Because in some cases I can just pull stuff out of he freezer and defrost or just have to cook the already prepared ingredients.   Now if only my feet agreed it!


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