Rambling Along And That’s Okay

The four-footed one loves nothing more than to head out for a ramble, set for whatever adventure should come her way.  The less planned, the better as far as she is concerned. Because if it isn’t planned she probably doesn’t have her fun and adventures cut short. For the most part I’m rather inclined to just ramble with her, going wherever the whim takes us.

It seems these days I’m not just rambling with my four-footed companion either.  I feel as if I am rambling most times when it comes to time spent with one of my specialists.  He means well and he is very good from a medical aspect.  It seems he assumes I understand what he is thinking when it comes to my treatment.  It also seems that he forgets I lack a medical degree and the same experience that he has.

So I go into these visits with a plan of what I want to ask or discuss, but frankly I walk out of them sometimes wondering what the heck we even discussed or how we got to where we did.  I’m not sure if I get lost in the tangle of confusion from whole concepts that weren’t discussed, but assumed to have been or if I just get too tired trying to keep up.

I’d leave a trail of breadcrumbs, but I’m not sure I’d bring enough or be able to find them after our time was up.  So we just ramble along, or rather I do.  Because he is helping manage my lupus rather well.  And because rambling is what I can do right now.


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