Flooring It Or Invasions Of Different Kind

The floor can be a place full of fun and magic. If you are a young child, just learning to explore your world, the floor is one of the places that hold all types of magic and fun. You may find tasty things or shiny objects on the floor. Or if you happen to be a four-footed companion and you happen to live in my house. Because my floor, try as I might to avoid it through cleaning and diligence, ends up being a place of deep mystery. Oh I’m not talking about mysteries of the Universe here, although that may explain a few things. Such as how does red thread suddenly end up on a light grey area carpet when I don’t own or have anything with red thread in it?

Yes friends, mysterious thread, thread of colors I do not own, have been randomly showing up in my house now for a while. And during this time of the Unexplained Thread Appearance or UTA as I like to think of it (makes it sound more official doesn’t it?) I have been trying to sort out how this happened. I vacuum the floor; I clean the floors with mops and water. I have even checked the dog’s feet just to be sure she isn’t the one behind the great mystery.

Beloved swears I am covertly checking out what our guests are wearing. You know from their socks all the way up to shirts, sweaters and ties. He says I’m just about at the point where if someone were to come in wearing red, I’d pull out my bagged red evidence thread to try to match the colors. (I’m not that bad. Yet. I don’t think.) The thing is from all these UTAs happening, no one who has come into our house has ever come in wearing any of these colors.

I mean I’d remember if someone came in wearing green the shade of mucus. And don’t think for one second that I wouldn’t be questioning why someone is wearing a mucus-colored article of clothing either because I would. I mean how do you stop yourself from blurting out something like “oh wow they do make shirts the color of snot!” (I seen that smirk there, the sly grin on your face as you realized that yes, you’d be saying or at the very least thinking the same thing.)

I’d say Beloved was planting these UTAs just to mess with me, but they happen when he’s not around as well. Like when it’s just the dog and I in the house and I’ve finished cleaning the floors earlier in the day. The dog will suddenly be on the floor licking at something and I will look down and there is another UTA. Just suddenly there on my once clean floor. And nothing in the house is the same color as the UTA.

Are aliens trying to communicate with me? Is there a race of super tiny beings living in the house who are trying to have fun with me as I go crazy trying to find the source of the UTAs? Does anyone else have this happen? These, my friends, are the mysteries of my floor that I need to get to the bottom of. Well that and how is it that cereal from a closed box is somehow on the floor too!


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