Saved From Stubborness or How The Dog Trains Us

The weather has been less than ideal the last few days.  Not overly cold, not overly wet.  Just windy and not the stuff ou want to be outside in for any length of time.  Unless you happen to be my four-footed companion.  Then you decide you can out stubborn the weather.  Or at least pretend you are going to do that, because deep down you know your owner will save you from yourself.

But if you are my four-footed companion, the problem is you have more than one owner.  And your other owner may, or may not save you from yourself.  Because your other owner believes that a dog will know when to come inside.  And you also believe you don’t need go be outside with the dog, until you read an article about yet another dog being attacked by birds.  Then, if you are this type of owner, you read the article out loud to the other owner and remind that person to stay outside with the dog.

And if you happen to be the four-footed companion you may get confused about what each human will do with you.  So you have to train your humans.  And everyone knows training humans requires an incredible amount of stubbornness and determination.  And sometimes you have to work with the human who saves you from yourself to let the other human jump in and save you.  And why wouldn’t this owner, you are cute, have big eyes and a wagging tail!


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