Slow Fun

I woke up this morning to a feeling of heaviness.  heaviness that seeped down into my bones and I was sure that if I could stand on a scale my weight would show as more than double what it normally is.  Of course that’s just a sense, not reality.  In reality, if I could stand on the scale m weight would be in its normal range.

These kind of days lead to more slow lifestyle.  And my four-footed companion seems to sense is as well.  So instead of being the puppy who is just a bundle of energy from when she wakes up to bed time (minus a few naps) she slows down for a more gentle day.  One where we snuggle down and just enjoy each other’s company.

Well we enjoy each other’s company until she gets a bit antsy and needs to find a toy to chew on.  Or flip pages in my book that I don’t exactly need flipped just yet.  And sometimes she feel some the need to change channels on the television just because she can.

Because despite the heaviness in my limbs, she cannot be fully contained.  Her enthusiasm for life, her curiosity about everything simply can not be fully held in check for a full 24 hour period.  Because in these days it would be easy to sink into the heaviness of my limbs and simply sit, she knows this and knows there is still fun to be had.  A different, slower form of fun!


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