Been Here Before, I think

Ever have one of those moments where you feel like you’ve already lived that moment? You know, you have seen yourself wearing that same set of clothes while carrying out the same set of actions with the environment all being the same. Perhaps you know it as “Deja vu” or maybe “second sight”, “using your third eye” etc., but not matter what you call it, it’s that sense of familiarity for the moment.

I had one of those moments recently. Right down to not just who I was with, but the jist of our conversation at that time. It was so odd I felt the need to let my companion know just how much I felt like we had already had the conversation and done the very things we were doing. She waved her hand ever so casually and told me it was a minor spark of “seeing”. I can’t say that I understand or buy into the theory that some people can see the future in that way. But hey whatever you believe is your business, not mine.

What I do wonder about though is if you “dream it” or “see it” do you then subconsciously set things up to repeat that, to make it “real”. Do you perhaps start looking for things to align in just this way so that you have the moment? The mind, after all, fills in the blanks that are always present in every moment. We never fully see things, but our minds insist on a complete “story” so the mind will fill in those gaps and holes. If that is the case, does the mind subconsciously fill in those gaps and holes with things that just feel like something that could occur, or pull them from our dreams?

What are you supposed to do during these moments? My companion insisted that we should both note the time and date as well as the location and the topic of conversation because the universe was trying to send us a message. But the universe, being what it is, never comes right out and gives you the message. That would be too easy. Instead you have to try to decipher what the message is. And then the question becomes what if you get the message wrong. Do you continue to have these moments or does the universe give up on getting you the message? Inquiring minds want to know, only because it feels like we’ve done this before.


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