Red Carpet Walk With A Change

Listen I’m not the type to brag, but I did walk across the red carpet today.  Ok so I sort of tripped across the red carpet today, but hey we all start somewhere.  Okay okay so I’m not sure if the color of the carpet was red or not given how muddy it was, but let’s just say it was red.  And I totally, I mean totally, meant to stumble over the crease in the carpet.  It’s all about the entrance right? 😉

In a rare moment of feeling almost good, like how I used to feel, I ventured far away from the house.  And during my outing discovered  place with carpet rolled out once you walked through the door.  Carpet that I like to think was the red carpet rolled out, but in all actuality was probably whatever color worked for letting people wipe the mud off their feet.

And most likely while someone was doing the shuffle-wipe thing that some people do to remove dirt off their feet, the carpet was no longer flat on the floor. Enter me, stage right.  And a clumsy stumble, but save be use I did not fall down and viola you have my red carpet moment.  I know, not exactly glamorous, but there were stars involved.  You se I was heading into a store that carries crystal bowls, vases and other home decor.  And on the table right near the door we’re  some crystal stars.  So you see it was almost a Hollywood moment.  If you change just a few things! 😉


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