Too Firm, Too Soft Or Just Yours

I grew up in a house with pretty firm rules around sleeping.  Such as everyone sleeps in their own beds.  Even if you are scared, you can see mama and daddy for a few minutes, but you just make your own way to your own bed after that.  Monster under the bed or not, beds are for people to sleep in.  And we sleep at night.  If you can’t sleep you can read a book quietly or such.  And absolutely no pets on the bed.  Ever.

Now that I’m all gown up and get to make my own rules around sleeping you better believe I’ve made some changes.  Such as sleep at night or day depending upon your needs.  It’s okay to wake up someone else if you are feeling anxious or afraid be causing talking things out helps.  Some monsters don’t live under the bed and sometimes you need a new room to hang out in to cope with those monsters.

Sometimes it’s okay to scream into your pillow, if you are scared or frustrated screaming can help.  And the pillow won’t mind, trust me.  It’s acceptable to talk in bed too, either with your sleeping partner or on the phone.  Because when there are days you struggle to just get out of bed, you still have a life to live.

As for pets, well pets are always allowed on the bed.  Just not on my pillow because, well it’s my pillow. I will give you your own!


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