That’s My Dog Or…

I was positive that my four-footed one was a purebred.  As in 100% dog.  All dog.  So red she has odd behaviours such as slithering across the floor like a snake.  I’m pretty sure she enjoys the feeling, and perhaps the confusion it creates for me.

I’ve come to notice another trait with her.  She seems to be part cat, in that she is constantly grooming herself just like one.  I’m waiting for the day she brings up her first hairball! 😕  Or is that fur-ball?  😮 Either way I’m just waiting for this moment and it isn’t await I am carrying out with joy either.  Or perhaps she will demand a litter-box next.

She has shown great curiosity with the litter-boxes on the shelves in the pet stores.  If they were filled with  litter and other stuff, I could understand her curiosity.  But litter-boxes that are still in cardboard boxes? This I do not understand.

Is this because I have been feeding her fish?  Has this triggered some dormant cat gene within her background?  Or is this part of her personality?  Not that it matters in the end, other than for her health.  If she is part cat or just a slightly odd dog it doesn’t matter, I still love her unconditionally.  Just as she loves me.


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