Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Now Something New

The four-footed one “borrowed” a toy from the vet’s.  I didn’t know she had the toy until we were home.  The vet’s office was closed by the time I was home and realized we had “borrowed” a toy.  When I phoned to get the hours for when the office was next open, I discovered we were going to be borrowing this toy for rough a week.  And of course the four-footed one doesn’t seem to grasp the difference between borrowing and mine.  It’s a  new concept we are working on.  Hopefully she will get it when we return it, because temporary is, well, temporary!

I’m not sure if the four-footed one can see colors or not.  Or rather how she sees colors, regardless of this fact, I ensure she is provided a multitude of colors.  Today I introduced her to the color blue.  She received a blue blanket and I am teaching her the color of the blanket because blue isn’t just for boys! 😉  I suspect she will just learn that this object is called blue blanket in the house.  Whether she understands that blue is a color and blanket is that thing I out on her is yet to be determined.  She does have more than on blanket so I have hope!

And that’s the new thing, the four-footed one has increased her vocabulary, or rather her understanding of words substantially this past little bit.  I’m talking about words like bedtime, nap, rest, not today, race, window, dance, cold, and explore.  I wasn’t expecting her to have the capacity for language the way she does.  Her breed isn’t exactly known for vocabulary and yet she seems to be grasping the hanging of living with and understanding her humans!



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