In The Still Of The Mind

I was invited to a meditation session by a one of Beloved’s friend’s partners. She had learned through her husband that I have never been able to wrap my mind around the idea of silence.  She had found a way that worked for her through some meditation sessions with a group of people who meet twice a week every week.

Now I’ve been open about my inability to meditate, I have yet to figure out how to get my mind to find stillness.   I know it’s possible, and I suspect if I just got out-of-the-way of myself and allowed myself to simply try in small steps it might happen for me.  But I can’t fully grasp a silent mind, perhaps I’m a bit afraid of it.  So I accepted the invitation.

When I arrived I was approached by a stranger who told me that she “normally never does this, but I am compelled to talk to you, to offer you a free reading”.  I don’t think I had even gotten much beyond the door when she made this offer.  It was clear that I was the only new comer based on how everyone else was interacting with each other.

It turned out that the leader of this session was the stranger who approached me.  She walked the group through a series of visualizations complete with drumming music.  Now in my area of study, drumming music has the potential to take a person into a trance like state so I was curious as to why there was a need for the drumming to go with the visualization.  She also changed the tone and volume of her voice as she went through the exercises, which is also common for putting people into relaxed or trance like state.  There was nothing odd with her exercises, nothing bad or wrong.

my curiosity was peaked as to why the need for these techniques when the sessions had been explained as gimmick-free etc.  I was also curious about my reading, which this stranger decided should be completed immediately after the session.  It turns out that most of the women in this class had been offered free readings.  Free readings which lead to discovering there were books and courses for what was missing in their lives.  And yes this leader just happened to have the books and the training to lead the classes for these very things.

To me that’s just a little too convenient. So I did what comes naturally to me, I asked her how she was able to do such clear readings?  And how she just happened to be so well suited for the needs of these women?  Needless to say, I am not welcome back.  And while I have no issue with people believing what they wish, when you start to create a need in others based on their vulnerabilities, I’m not going to be able to sit still.

Through some questioning and digging around, talking with others who had attended these sessions I discovered that each woman invited in was offered a free reading which resulted in the offering of counselling , coaching our courses. Of course after the free reading everything comes at relatively steep price and time commitment.  Some of see woman willingly and openly accepted the additional courses, counselling or coaching.  Others were pushed into it, as a means of being a better woman.  How the heck is this helpfulness? How does is help people be human?  How does this enhance anyone’s life other than the person who will benefit from it financially?  How is it not a form of cultivating easy money sources?






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