Fine Exuberance

Beloved took our four-footed companion for an outing and allowed me to rest.  The past few days have been what I call fine.  Fine as in I’m doing fine with a huge smile on my face as I wonder how I will get through the next few hours never mind the rest of the day.  Fine as in no one really knows what’s going on with me because I just done feel the need to explain it all and besides I don’t want to whine because there are people far worse off than I am.  Fine as in yes I’m in pain and yes I’m scared, but I don’t want to bother or burden anyone.

So they went off for an outing of the longer variety.  We were trying to burn off some of the excess energy in our wonder dog, but instead it was Beloved whose energy got burnt off! 😮  The four-footed one seems to have endless amounts of energy that cannot be restrained or burnt off. At least not in large amounts.  And to be honest, I’m envious of her energy as well as her joy at living life.  I try to grasp her exuberance and pull it together into myself.  Of course that doesn’t work, but I gather energy and joy in watching her and playing with her.

So Beloved came home needing a rest and the four-footed one decided to play gently with me.  She knows I can’t play as hard or actively as Beloved some days and she accepts that.  Just as she accepts some times I need to rest and then, just like she did today, she will curl up beside me for some scratches and stroking!


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