A Way To Get Things Done Or Is It Manipulation

M”Have you tried food, a special treat maybe.  Sometimes they get extra motivated with a special food treat,” the woman offered helpfully.  To be honest no, I had not tried food or a special treat to get the results I wanted.  It seemed wrong, very manipulative and well, we weren’t talking about a puppy anyway.

I had heard, before, that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach or something to that effect. And I know there are certain food items Beloved would gladly eat if they were available.  But they are special food items, not every day things.  And it just, well, it seemed wrong.

Sure I wanted Beloved to sort out the shelving units that have been unpacked, but not placed anywhere for over a week.  But it seems so wrong to basically say to a human “I will give you this (wave said food item in front of man mind you) once you do that (point to work you want completed).”

Oh I know my own parents carried out a variation of this by offering me a cookie if I first at the horrible pile of peas on my plate.  And I know I’ve done the whole treat show with my pets.  But those are pets.  And the cookie option happened when I was very young.

Beloved however is an intelligent, fully grown man.  Who could acquire said items on his own if he wanted them.  No bribe required.  So although my friend had offered her version of helpful advice, which by the way she uses on her own spouse, my shelving units are still holding the carpet down.  In case of high winds or such I guess.


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