A Walk In The Weeds Leads To Weed

My four-footed wonder lives to go for ambles, meanders and adventures.  She is always up for a chance to explore be it a usual haunt or some place new.  Sadly her adventurous spirit brought her into a wee bit of trouble the other day.

The walk itself was typical.  Some running, some hopping and a lot of sniffing.  You know, the typical kind of stuff you tend to do on a walk.  She came home and just sort of curled up for a bit of a nap.  And that’s when the typical adventure became anything but typical.

Because unlike usual my four-footed one didn’t want to wake up.  She was actually almost impossible to rouse.  This warranted a mad dash for medical attention.   Not only was she hard to wake up, when she was awake she wasn’t behaving like herself.

At the vet’s, she was walking like she was intoxicated and very slow to respond to any stimuli.  The vet, in a careful way, indicated she thought that my sweet little companion got into marijuana.  Now we do occasionally walk in the weeds, but never in weed so to speak.  A quick test confirmed that the four-footed one was on a trip all of her own and she needed help now to get better.

The vet gave her medication and fluids and let her rest.  The vet also told me that marijuana intoxication is becoming way too common in pets.  And sadly my four-footed one wasn’t the only dog brought in that day under the influence from an innocent walk.

I was relieved for her to be better, and angry as heck that someone did this to an innocent animal.  Now I know some people see no issue with this, but it can be fatal in animals.  Hey, if you want to go on a trip yourself, that’s your business.  Just do it in a responsible manner so that innocent animals and people aren’t exposed to your stuff.  Because apparently dropped goods are common here and that’s really sad and disgusting.


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