The Magical Concepts Behind Words

He said he would be out for just a wee few moments.  He didn’t say how long a wee few moments would appear if checked against a watch.  In case you are wondering, a wee few moments is about the length of two jiffies and a mo in Beloved’s time.  Or in everyone else’s understanding, forty-five minutes.

To the four-footed one it use have seemed like forever because she gave up waiting for him.  She started waiting, then she moved to pacing and finally left to play with her toys. Beloved was miffed at this behavior, but I certainly don’t blame my four-footed one.  To be honest I got on with my stuff as well.  History has taught me not to wait based on my interpretation of Beloved’s timeframes.

He doesn’t understand the need to provide timeframes that most people understand.  It is, as he says, his way of doing things.  Besides using standard time as a measure is pedestrian he insists.  And each time he is surprised that people just get on with their own thing rather than waiting for him.  But as I’ve told him, waiting based off a vague time reference, is utterly boring and pedestrian too!

After all, it’s all in how you say it!


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