Plans, Good Intentions And A Certain Someone, Or So It Goes

Today was one of those filled with great intentions and plans.  The kind of day where despite intentions and plans nothing went as hoped for.  Surprisingly is time it wasn’t due to Murphy’s Law.  Instead it was due to a person.  And for the record the person is not named Murphy, not even close to Murphy!

It started with the plan to make a lovely latte for Beloved and myself to go with our breakfast.  I was up a little early to make the lattes only to hear Beloved announce he didn’t want coffee today.  He explained he would be drinking lots of coffee while he was out in the morning later on.  So there went surprise one.

Whole he was out of the house I decided to make him a surprise for lunch.  So I got to work making the surprise so it would be just the right temperature when he came home for lunch.  He phoned and said he was on his way home, but he had added a twist to things by saying he was taking me out for a wee lunch.  So out we went for lunch.  I told him on our way home what I had planned for his lunch and he said he just had a feeling we should go out so that’s why he suggested it.

He said we could have the lunch for another meal, which was fine because what I had planned for our later meal, I no longer wanted after our lunch out.  So every little thing I had intended to do for Beloved today went sidewise or pear-shaped, but in a good way.  Because sometimes you just have to roll with the changes.


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