By The Light Of A Candle Indeed

Beloved and I were invited to a candle lighting event at a friend’s church earlier.  Beloved has known this friend since they were just small boys so it was very important  to Beloved that he be present for this ceremony.  So important as a matter of fact that Beloved cancelled some other plans with friends to keep the space clear.

He had his best suit cleaned and pressed, bought a new shirt, socks and pocket square for the occasion.  He shined his shoes and sorted out my jewelry for the event.  (Okay so he also suggested my outfit and shoes,  but that’s somewhat typical given he cares more about clothes than I do.)   And finally he w not out to find the perfect gift for his friend as a congratulations gift.

When the date arrived  Beloved insisted we head over to the church early so he’d have some time with his friend prior to the ceremony.  It also meant I wouldn’t have to drag myself around in a crowd which always seems to be a much bigger chore than when there is no crowd present.  So I found a nice place to sit and waited for Beloved to come back and join me.  And I waited.  And waited.  The church filled up and still no Beloved.

Just before the ceremony was to start a different minister came out and said he’d be conducting the service due to some unfortunate circumstances.  The ceremony went on as planned and it was lovely, but I couldn’t really enjoy it not knowing what had happened or where Beloved was.  The church slowly emptied and I still waited.

The minister sat down beside me and explained what happened and offered me a lift home.  Beloved’s friend, it seems, fainted from lack of sleep and excitement.  When he fainted he fell and hit his head on a solid wood table.  He couldn’t be revived by home remedies so an ambulance was called and the minister who carried out the ceremony decided Beloved should go to hospital with the patient.  And now it was a case of getting me home the minister said.

Beloved didn’t come home for hours after I was already there.  It seems his friend not only knocked himself out, but fractured his skull when he hit the table.  Beloved ended up spending some time at the hospital chapel in prayer, and yes he lit a candle for his friend.

The doctor doesn’t think there will be major complications other than headaches and potential some small changes as a result of the fracture.  Shame the doctor can’t guarantee these things, but I guess that’s why Beloved lit the candle.


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