Dogs, Energy And Healing Aches

Between playing chase, peek-a-boo and the odd catch-me-if-you-can sprinkled in for good measure, my aching joints  are ready for a rest.  The four-footed one doesn’t understand this need of mine to rest and so she protests with some growls, whines and tail wags.  If  only that could fix it all, I’d be playing with her all the time!  Alas these aren’t the answer to my aches and pains all the time.

And pain medication isn’t always the answer either.  Not because they don’t work to some degree or another, but because I don’t always want to rely on them.  To be honest I use them exceedingly sparingly.  Much to my specialist’s glee.  But he also knows that means a great deal of the time I, just trying to push through.  So he is always looking for something new for me to try.

He suggested reiki recently, with a twist.  Because he is curious as to how it works, being a man of science after all, he set up a distance healing session without telling the practitioner about my specific issues.  At a given time the practitioner got to work in one place while I was in a different location.

She reported back to my specialist that she noted an issue with my right hip, both knees and neck.  Interestingly these were the areas I complained about to my specialist in my last visit as well as my shoulder-blade.  So she missed my shoulder-blade but got the others.  She also indicated a problem with my liver, which I have.

My specialist asked me if I felt anything from her work, and I told him my right hip didn’t seem to be as sore.  I couldn’t say if that was from her work or the rest from playing with the dog.  And I don’t need to know how it works either.  We will be trying another session later in to see if the magic works some more!



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