Dog-Gone Surprise

When I was a young child, I’ve been told, one of my favourite games to play was peek-a-boo.  Apparently this is the case for many small, young ones.  Perhaps it’s the thrill of “hiding” in plain sight.  Maybe it’s the constant surprise when you see the person is still there.  Yes okay so you are on their lap and in theory it would be impossible for their lap to remain while their face disappears.  But for whatever reason that can be hours of endless fun, until the adult tires of the game.

It seems the four-footed one has also developed a taste for peek-a-boo.  She insists I chase her, and normally we run around the house once or twice and then I duck behind a wall or such and wait for her to come back seeking me.  At which point I jump up and yell “peek-a-boo!” And she wags her tails and demands more.  The way that dogs do.  And just like a young human, my four-footed one never tires of this game.  She loves the whole adventure and takes great joy in me announcing that magical phrase.

This adult, however, tires of this game now and then.  However the four-footed one does not seem to grasp this concept.  After all who wouldn’t find running around the house fun?  Who wouldn’t find the whole game fun and exciting?  Well other than me that is.

Of course my four-footed one also can spend hours watching the branches sway in the wind.  Her tail wags when the wind gusts make the branches really move, or the direction of the wind changes.  For all I know she also enjoys another pastime from my childhood, watching the clouds move across the sky.  I haven’t noticed if she does this yet.

And now I must get ready for another rousing game of peak-a-boo because she hasn’t really grasped hide and seek.  She simply barks if she can’t find me, knowing I will “rescue” her. So, who really is the trainer and who is really being trained in this relationship?!😉


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