Your Dream, My Nightmare

A friend of Beloved’s recently announced he had been chosen to be part of a research team going to study a specific species of spider in Peru.  Up until this announcement I didn’t really know what this man did for a living.  After all he simply said he was a “biologist” when he was introduced to me years earlier.  He certainly never talked about his work, saying most people found it “unsettling”.

And now I heard he was going to Peru to study a spider those of a dinner plate.  A spider affectionately known as a bird-eating spider.  A huge tarantula of sorts.  With great big fangs.  That feasted on birds.  He was correct, his line of work was unsettling and to be honest a bit disturbing.  Simply because spiders that size?  Yikes!

Apparently there search station has the kind of WIFI signal that says “ha ha, fooled you” as just when you think you have connectivity, you lose it.  But he promised to send interesting emails when he could as well as pictures.  To show us the spiders are beautiful creatures.  Amazing animals even.  I will be happy as long as he comes back safe and sound with no spider bites or hugs from an anaconda.

To me, this isn’t really a dream, more like a nightmare, but he is so enthusiastic about it that it’s hard to not get cut up with his joy.  And I am truly excited for him.  I’m thrilled he has this opportunity.  It’s just not for me. But that’s what makes life interesting.  We can interact with people of al different interests and learn from them in a way that is comfortable for us.  And who knows, I may come to appreciate the spider that eats birds.  But I doubt I will ever call it cute.  Shame he isn’t off to study sloths!


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