Of Mice, Dogs And Love

All throughout my house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  Mostly because the only type of mice in my house are the ones with computers. If I have the cute kind with the oink wiggly ears there is no sign of them at all.  And IF I did have those mice, I’m pretty sure the four-footed one would have loved them all to death and then some.

This is something new, the living of things to death by more four-footed bundle of energetic fur.  Until recently she tolerated other small animals, but wasn’t interested in the, as per say.  However while we were visiting s friend, my friend set her little bunny fear.  My four-footed companion was sleeping on the floor and we didn’t think the bunny would wake her up.  But of course that was wishful thinking.  She woke up and sniffed the bunny before deciding to chase it all around.  When the bunny found a safe place, my four-footed one collapsed next to the bunny and slowly inched her way closer to the bunny.  The two of them snuggled up against each other and well that was that.

Of course I bought my little one a stuffed bunny which she promptly decided to love to death so to speak.  Poor stuffed bunny is a little less stuffed now what with the dog constantly flopping down and resting upon it.  Bunny’s seams are letting the stuffing out.

So I can only imagine what she’d do with a poor little mouse or two!  So you see, I have to make sure we are mouse free.  For their longevity of course!



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