Story Time With My Companion or The Luxury Of Reading

It’s been one of those days, the kind where I’d Ike to have spent it curled up with a good book.  A nice comfortable place to read with a delicious drink and the four-footed one resting right beside me.

The four-footed one enjoys story time.  She rather enjoys curling up in a comfortable place while I read.  I don’t even have to read to her, although when she is all over the place she seems to settle down when I start to read to her.  She doesn’t even care what the content is or if I start part way through the text.

And while today felt like it should have been one of those days to comfy and read while the dirty weather was out doing its thing, sadly there wasn’t time for such a luxury.  I had too many things to attend to today and thankfully I was able to take my companion along for the adventure.  Hopefully tomorrow will afford us the opportunity to settle down and enjoy a good book.  Especially since the weather people all have assured us more dirty weather is on the way, with even stronger winds and precipitation and we don’t have nearly as many things that must be done.


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