The Craziness of Exam Time

My students tress this time of year.  They stress over final exams.  They stress over their marks and the way end of this semester runs tight up to the holidays.  They stress they won’t have enough time to enjoy the vacation time.

And the stress bears out in various ways.  Some students fuel up on too much caffeine and unhealthy eating.  Others protest that they will never need to know what I teach them.  Some unfortunately decide to disappear at this time.  They never sit their finals and so they usually don’t pass the course.  Which no doubt causes them more stress.

And if I could,  would tell each and every one of them the same thing.  I provide them with information, ideas and concepts.  What they make of any of this is completely up to them.  Just as what they decide to do with these things.

I suspect these are true for us as adults as well.  We receive so many different ideas, pieces of information from all over and concepts to try or discard as need be.  What we make out of any of this is up to each of us.  And it is acceptable to question of doubt what we have been provided.  Just as it is okay to set aside or no longer hold onto things you once did.

The real final exam is the one we all take, the one that is called life.  If you spend too much time studying and perfecting your understanding you may miss out.  Because unlike my classes where you must answer questions about a given topic at a specific time, life is neither a written exam, nor a paper.  Life doesn’t really provide for a great deal of study time or perpetration.  The key to the exam of life is to just get on with it.  Reach for your dreams.  If you are scared, take a deep breath and jump on in.


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