Foiling An Escape or Barney Disappointed

An escape attempt was foiled today.  Just barely.  But foiled none the less.  I’d like to say it had something to do with me. Really it was just a case of luck.

You see a young friend of mine came into the room where I was visiting with his mother.  He was in distress as his pet lizard had escaped.  Barney, the baby iguana, had decided to head for different scenes.  Or at least a new space when my young friend took Barney out of his house.  My young friend got distracted for a period of time and Barney made a break for it.

Barney evidently doesn’t respond to his name.  Not based on what I witnessed while we looked for him.  He was called with no response.  Some veggies were left in hopes of teasing him out, but all to no result.

As I was grabbing my bag to leave it felt oddly lopsided. So I took a peek and sure enough Barney had crawled in.  Made himself comfortable.  Granted once I headed outside he probably wouldn’t be so comfortable.  But fortunately I noticed Barney before I got outside, much to everyone’s relief.  My young friend rescued Barney and placed Barney back where he belonged.

Barney may not have been thrilled with being found out, but id like to think the Great Escape was foiled and resulted in a happy ending.  Who knows what Barney will do next!


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