Clothing Conundrum

I have a bit of an issue on my hands today.  Someone gifted me with some lovely lounge pants.  A variety of colors and materials me up this lovely gift of several pairs of lounge pants.  The pants themselves aren’t my issue.  Actually that would be easy.

Instead friends the issue I have on my hands is this, can I wear my lounge pants even if I’m not going to be lounging?  Or are lounge pants restricted to lounging or resting?  This could create the awkward moments of having to find a way to quickly change out of my lounge pants into my non-lounging pants.  I mean the rushing around would not be considered lounging so you see, it’s a bit of an issue.

And while we are talking about this stuff, I have some reading socks.  And I must confess sometimes when I put them on, I don’t really consider if I will be reading or not.  Now I admit I do some reading each day so it’s somewhat okay I guess.

But when they tell me what my various clothing items are to be used for, I feel guilty and conflicted.  Because there aren’t any hard fast rules around wearing the clothes for things that are basically off label.  I know when my doctor prescribes me meds for off label purposes there are rules around use extra.  Maybe the designers should consider something like that.  Or at least provide the “technicalities” of this for people like me?  I’m asking for me and my guilty conscience.


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