Who Says What or Learning With The Dog 

The cow says “moo!”, or something similar to that.  The pig says something close to “oink!” and the cat says something like “meow!”.  The frog says “ribbit!” and this human says “enough please.  My poor ears!”  For the cow, pig, cat and frog you have to press them, or bite em, in order for them to make noise.  For this human, well you just have to lay with your dog toys for me to be asking for silence.

Of course the dog, this wonderful four-footed companion of mine, doesn’t care what the human says.  The human is always saying something so really asking for silence is no different than asking if you want to go outside.  Or so the dog is able to pretend.  And yes I do realize that the dog didn’t purchase these toys, but for the record I didn’t purchase them either.  They were gifts from my friends.  Who thought the dog would like them.  Or maybe my friends wanted me to go crazy.  Perhaps a combination of both!

To be honest prior to her getting these toys I didn’t think these things existed for pets.  Children yes.  As a matter of fact I may have had toys that made those noises so I’d know who said what at the farm.  If I went to the farm.  But pets?  I didn’t think a pet would need to know who says what.  But then again why not?  I mean a lot of us treat our pets like family members or children.  Granted my four-footed wonder won’t be needing to know what is being said at the farm.  Because her human isn’t really able to enjoy the farm. 

Oh I love animals.  I’m just not a farm person.  I’d want to take the animals home with me and I’m pretty sure the farmers would frown on that.  But at least the dog knows who says what.  Now if only I could teach her to take out the garbage!


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