Gifting Precautions…Or Something New For Me

I’ve mentioned before my envious nature when it comes to my talented friends being able to make gifts and items. Mostly I’m envious because I lack the skills and the talents to do the very crafts that they do.

As we come up to the Christmas season hand-made gifts, gifts of love really, have started arriving. Beloved and I have been blessed with a quilt, socks, a blanket and some wonderful items to keep us warm during the cold winter months. There is a promise of delicious baked goods as well as the opportunity to share meals with those who matter to us.

But this year something very unusual is on the way. A friend has asked me to keep my eyes open for a fragile parcel coming to me. Once I receive the fragile parcel I am to call said friend for instructions on unpacking and clearing the item that is within the box.

My friend has provided me with a list of preparations to be made for the arrival of this gift, although he hasn’t indicated exactly what the gift is. Just that it is exceedingly fragile and will require some clearing work when it arrived. He has asked me to locate dark, soft fabric to store this item in giving me the dimension of the box in which this item lives. He has also suggested where the item is to be stored when it is not in use so as to keep the item in good shape.

All of these instructions have me very curious as to what this item might be. But they also have me a little concerned about what exactly is being shipped. I expressed mild concern that it might in fact be a live something, but he has assured me that it isn’t alive in the sense that I am thinking. Given his work with shamanic studies, I am now wondering if he is sending me a shaman’s tool, which would be an amazingly huge responsibility. One that I’m not sure I could take on respectfully and completely.

However for now I shall simply get on with getting prepared for the arrival of the parcel. (We are both tracking it in the logistics system so the odds of it arriving as a surprise have been reduced to nothing.) And I shall trust my friend knows me, knows what he is doing and will not give me something beyond that which I can handle or work with. And yes I shall breathe a huge sigh of relief he isn’t’ sending me a living creature to look after.


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