Childhood Signs or Coincidence

When I was young I suffered something awful from what was termed as “growing pains”.   They were so intense they woke me up.  They could not be eased with massage,  aspirin or such.  They frightened my parents enough to warrant numerous trips to the doctors.  Each time my parents came backs it’s the answer growing pains.

One of my current specialists has come to the conclusion that the diagnosis of growing pains was incorrect.  He believes it’s was lupus announcing itself in a mild form.  The same as the red cheeks I had as a child.  Of course hindsight is 20-20.   And to be fair research has come further along now, but that doesn’t mean that if I was a child now, I would have a diagnosis of lupus any sooner.

I’ve long since stopped growing, and the pains I get now are a bit.  But they are still intense and there are times I wish someone would massage the pain at night.  Not because the pain will go away with that.  But because it is comforting.  And reminds me of my childhood.  And because it’s a tangible way that reminds me I’m not in this alone.

So today I out the four-footed one on my aching knees while I stoked her fur.  She wasn’t as willing as I hoped, but she did curl beside my painful hip and that was nice.  I may have to get a pack of four-footed wonders to deal with all my pain! 😊


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