A Walking Protest Of Sorts Or Dog Behavior

The four-footed one has decided to stage a protest.  A protest against being on a leash.  Not that I blame her because when I’m stuck with my IV during treatment I too feel tethered.  And it’s not fun.  I get that.

But she has taken to refusing to walk.  She simply sits.  And stares.  And growls.  And mostly sits.  So she gets less walks and more running around like a maniac in the yard.  Apparently she is fine with this arrangement.  So it isn’t much of a protest.  She gets to do what she needs to do, plus time running around in the fresh air.  So she is exercising and is happy.  And so am I.

Is it wrong to let her carry on with her protest when it’s a win-win situation for both of us?  And how long will the dog carry on with this behavior before she grows tired and moves onto something else?

I mean this protest is a good one.  She has protested bedtime with her version of singing and dancing.  She has protested food by putting some in her mouth, rolling it around and spitting it out which is followed by her refusing to come near me for a period of time.  And of course she has protested bath-time.  And these are just off the top of my head.  So no, I’m not n a hurry to see this protest carry on.


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