Where Is The Playground For Me

YSome days are made for rain, others for sunshine. Some days are made for violent winds and others for gentle breezes. And some days, well some days are made to not be an adult. Or at least days that should be made for adults to shed the adult responsibility and get back to the simple and pure pleasure that can be found in the freedom of play.

I wanted one of those days today. I mean to enjoy the moments, savoring the fun. But alas being an adult got in the way. Because the car needed to be filled with gas. Because the bills don’t need to be any higher than they already are. Because there are bills that need paying which means money needs finding. Which means work. And work sometimes just isn’t about fun and freedom.

Sure work affords me fun and freedom when I’m not working and that’s a choice I made. Just as I make choices to travel here and there. And I made a choice to have a car, a house and all sorts of wonderful technology. Some of these are choices I have made and don’t think for one moment that I am not aware of this. And I’m not really complaining about the cost of the choices I made. I’m just not wanting to be all responsible today. Is that such a bad thing?

If we shed our responsibility now and then, not in an habitual way and certainly not in a way where we shed the most serious of responsibilities, is it okay? My doctor seems to agree that now and then we need to get away from not just work. But life’s daily grind. He has prescribed this lovely notion of something called relaxation in the past. As in dropping your worries and responsibilities for a period of time so that when you pick them up again, you are refreshed and therefore they do not seem heavy.

I needed one of those days today, only it was the wrong time. So I did what a lot of us do. I complained, did some minor day dreaming and soldiering on being the responsible adult. But I promise you this, when I find a playground with swings big enough for adults, slides built for adults…I’m taking a sick day or two. And I’m just going to play. Because we all need a playground now and then.


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