A Taste Of Something Extra

When I was younger I used to sneaky cookie dough.  To eat raw.  My mother was agasht by this behavior because a) raw eggs and b) did I wash my hands first?  I always washed my hands before sneaking cookie dough because if I got sick, I’d know it was from the raw eggs.  But I never got sick from it.

As I got older I discovered is wonderful dish a pasta dish with this lovely name of carbonara. Very very delicious.  And apparently there is a concern again about how well the egg is cooked in the sauce.   Some people say it is cooked through the heat of the Other ingredients and others say it is just warmed, but still rather raw.  Again, I’ve never gotten sick consuming this delight dish.

I also discovered sushi and sashimi.  And yes I enjoy it as well.  Yes I know, raw seafood. And yes I know there are concerns around that as well.  I have always been careful with raw seafood, and have never gotten sick.

Sadly all now raw eggs and seafood are al official on the list of items I cannot have any longer.  My new medication combination is partially to blame for this.  As is a sudden form of paranoid worry from Beloved.  He has become a believer of the whole you can get sick if you eat these things raw theory.  He has found recipes for eggless cookie dough and eggless pasta carbonara and used smoked fish for sushi rolls.

The cookie dough isn’t too bad  it it’s missing the something extra that comes from sneaking it when you clearly aren’t supposed to have it.  The taste of that which is forbidden seems more robust.  The pasta carbonara was okay, as were the sushi rolls. But again the taste of slightly risky is a bit more pleasing to the tastebuds.  And for the record, yes he has found a Cesar salad dressing without raw egg.  He just hasn’t made it yet.

Is it just me or does the risk and  se of something being forbidden add a little something to the taste of food?


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