Following Naturally

Who knew that dead leaves could be so much…fun or hassle depending upon how you look at it.  If you are my four-footed companion leaves are clearly a fun thing.  You can roll in them, slide in them, toss them about or eat them.  And if you are very sneaky you can bring them into the house,  much to your two-footed companions chagrin.

If you are more like me those leaves are, well, a hassle.  I know, it’s more a case of humans imposing our will on nature, which tends to be more carefree and organic.  Nature sees no reason to catch every dead leaf that’s on an overly green and well maintained lawn.  Not that I’m that picky.  I just can’t get to the point with the dead leaves in my house.

Part of me enjoys the pleasure my small friend gets from the leaves while another part of me cringes and wonders how many leaf crumbles will be in my house or have to be picked out of her coat.  It becomes a question of which nature do you give into…the one that says life is too short to aim for such rigid rules or the one that says outside things stay outside.  In case you are wondering, I discovered that dried leaves are like Velcro on my area rug.  Sadly my vacuum wasn’t able to pick them all up, but that might because the four-footed one not only brought the leaves in, but she rolled them around in the house.  She was enjoying herself and I must confess her antics made me laugh so I guess picky the leaves out of the house is a small price to pay.


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