We Are Getting….Older?

Time marches on, you just don’t realize it when you are young.  I think the first time I realized that time waits for no one was when I was dealing with a tragedy.  It felt as if my life stood still and time for me was like swimming through thick pudding.  But the outside world carried on in normal time.  For the record, I’ve never gone swimming in any type of pudding.

The strange thing about time marching on is that at some point time has you father forward than you thought you’d be.  Beloved and one of his friends were out the other night and towards the end of their evening they encountered a few people in their early twenties.  At some point one of the younger people made a comment that it was cool to see old guys hanging out and enjoying the place.

Beloved and his friend both automatically started to look for the old guys while their younger companions asked them what had brought them to the club in the  first place.  Beloved said that was when it hit him…he had become the old guy.

No warning, no training or easing into this new position in life.  Hours earlier Beloved had no clue of what soon awaited him.  He said he after he realized he was the old guy he felt like someone should have provided him with a hat, a smoking pipe and other such items.  Just to ensure everyone recognizes that he is now an old guy.

How had time marched him to this point in his life without preparing him?  Father Time, Beloved has decided, has a sick sense of humour.  And it isn’t even funny.  Just ask the old guy! 😉


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